PFNI disappointed nothing in deal for policing

Release Date: 27 Jun 2017

Source: PFNI

“We’re disappointed that there’s nothing in the agreement signed between the Conservatives and the DUP for policing. We would have liked to see a badly needed financial injection, but there’s nothing in the deal for the Service.
“This is a missed opportunity. At the very least, we need a ‘stay of execution’ on the latest round of cuts which will take a further £20 million out of the PSNI budget.
“Northern Ireland politicians know the pressures officers are under day and daily. Officers deserve to be front and centre when it comes to getting the tools to deliver policing.
“It seems from this deal that the work they do is going unheeded or else being taken for granted. Again, I say to our politicians that if they want a Service that provides comprehensive cover, then they will have to find the financial resources to pay for it.
“There is an undeniable case for investment in Neighbourhood Policing to provide community confidence and reassurance. Building relationships with communities is an essential element of the job and it shouldn’t be undermined or threatened.
“We’re burning the candle at both ends right now. It is a situation that cannot continue indefinitely and I would appeal to politicians in position of power and influence to address the chronic funding shortfall and call a halt to austerity.
“If the new and welcome cash from London creates the space for budget flexibility, then we would ask that policing be treated as a priority in any re-allocation that takes place.”

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